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Turning Red to Black Blog: Discussing Topics Related to Revenue Cycle Management, Debt Collection, Debt Recovery, Debt Management, Billing Operations and Billing Procedures

Tax Season Brings Opportunity for Accounts Receivable

Keeping Patient Responsibility in Mind When Collecting on Delinquent Accounts

Time Is Money, So What Are You Waiting For?

Why Providers Should Care About the CFPB’s Proposed Rules Changes

What America’s Debt Load Means for Accounts Receivable Managers

First Come, First Serve: Americans Facing Smaller Tax Refunds in 2019

Commonsense Prevails… When Consent is Contractual

Keeping Patients and Customers in Mind: Why It’s Better to Pursue Your Debt Through a Third-Party Than to Sell it Outright

My First Time at HFMA

The Value of the Care You Receive

The Impact of Third-Party Debt Collection on the American Economy

Who's Got Your Six? We do.

Top Five Ways to Increase your Collections ROI

The RCM Professional's Halloween Goody Bag

Addressing Communication Options in Patient Agreements

Negotiating with a Debtor Part 3: Knowing the Difference Between a Payer and a Staller

Negotiating with a Debtor Part 2:  Achieving a Satisfactory Payment Arrangement

Negotiating with a Debtor Part 1: Using Standard Criteria to Maximize Collections Returns and Keep the Cost of Recovery as Low as Possible

A Revenue Cycle Professional’s Christmas Wish List

Setting the Table for Improved Recovery

An Honest Message: The Holidays Are No Time to Skip Payments

Creating a Successful Accounts Receivable Plan for Your Organization

When is enough, enough?  When is it time to place an account in collections?

What to Do with an Irate Caller in 3 Easy Steps

What Kind of Protocol is Necessary for an Effective Debt Recovery Program?

Now That Your Accounts are in Collections, What’s Next?

Convincing Your CFO that it’s Time to Use a Collection Agency

Convincing Your CEO that it’s Time to Use a Collection Agency

Top Five Things Revenue Cycle Managers should do to Maximize their Collection Revenue for the First Quarter

Trickle Down Charity in the Healthcare Industry

RCM WEbinar Recap

Tipping Point #3 - Our Clients' Tool Belt

Tipping Point #2 - How Big is Your Toolbox

Tipping Point #1 - Information Matters

Mobile Payments Increase Receivables

What the New FICO Formula Means for You

Are We Underestimating the Value of a Human Being?

Satisfied Employees Directly Correlates to Increased Profitability

Say What??? (Oh yeah, say nothing.)

For Many Americans Achieving the ‘American Dream’ Means Being Debt Free

Millennials Substituting Homes and Vehicles for… Phones!?

Behind the Times

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