Litigation and Asset Recovery

Simon’s Agency, Inc. is a one-stop choice for all of your collection needs. When our traditional and advanced efforts to collect a debt are completely exhausted we have partnerships with local and regional law firms that allow us to take the next step for our clients, which is to begin legal litigation.

Many agencies “take a couple of swings” at an account and then rush toward a legal process – this is especially true of collection-only law firms as this is in their best interest.  However, it isn’t always in the best interest of the client. Obtaining judgments and going through the legal process can be expensive and while it is the clients’ right to attach any court fees to the outstanding debt, clients still must come out of pocket to cover initial costs. Additionally once an account heads toward litigation the fees to collect on the debt usually increase.

That is why this step is only taken after Simon’s performs a thorough asset search. Our recommendation to litigate comes only after extensive research and only after all other avenues of collection have been exhausted by our experienced team. If assets are found, Simon’s then works with its legal partners to move forward with the legal process.

Simon’s principle of Investigate-Locate-Negotiate-Liquidate has proven, time and again, to reduce the need for litigation, saving our clients time and aggravation. But always know, when all else fails, litigation remains a final option for our clients and Simon’s will continue to service the account through its legal partners and channels.

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