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You Don't Have to Take Our Word For it. Read What Clients and Debtors Alike Have to Say About Us.

The testimonials that follow are actual communications that have been sent to Simon’s Agency, Inc. in the form of notes accompanying payments, letters, emails, faxes and online submissions. Many individuals prefer not to have their name or company posted online but Simon’s retains copies of all correspondence featured below. All debtor testimonials feature initials or pseudonyms to protect their privacy. Interested parties may inquire for more details with regard to client testimonials and recommendations which can be provided upon request.


“I’d also like to take a moment to let you know how very pleased we are with your agency.  Every January I do a full year to year comparison.  I don’t have to look through any files at all – it is obvious from the figures exactly when we turned our collection over to Simon’s.  Your agency is easily returning 4 to 5 times what the previous collections company did.

I personally especially love the fact that each time I have any interaction with someone from Simon’s, it’s professional and wonderfully pleasant!  Thank you for all that you do for us – we truly appreciate it.”

— Current Client


“Please accept this acknowledgement of Simon’s Agency’s professionalism in all areas of the collection recovery business.  I highly recommend Simon’s for their reliability and ‘personal touch.’ It is a distinct pleasure to work with all of Simon’s staff.”

— Current Client


“Just got your most recent check… you guys collected on balances from 2009 AND 2007 on this last one!  And (debtor account) when through 2 other collection agencies first.

I get reviewed on my A/R on a monthly basis… so I just love it when old balances get taken care of.  Even the small ones!

I get calls all the time from companies that want to do our collections and I tell the there is no way I’m switching!”

“This is a CareCredit account… We are a CareCredit Merchant so I processed this payment via their website… and it was approved.  I have applied the amount to the account.  THANKS for getting this one… I tried like crazy and was unsuccessful.  You were the third collection agency on this account.  GOOD JOB!”

— Current Client


“I just wanted to say thank you for helping us with this extremely difficult financial issue and have it become workable. No one likes to be in this type of situation, but when put here having someone like you on the other end listening and actually helping find a solution is wonderful. I did get the payment of $600 in the mail, again thank you for your kindness and nonjudgmental attitude.

— Current Client


“Received your check yesterday, Wow, that is great…your agency has done more in a couple months than the other agency did in 2 years.  Keep up the hard work.   I am getting calls daily from people stating they were never contacted prior to your agency! I have told the girls up front to refer everyone to your agency to settle their debts… Without your assistance we would not have these people fighting the insurance industry!!! Thanks!!!!!!”

— Current Client


“Boy you guys keep outdoing yourselves every month!!!!  Great job again!!!”

— Current Client


“Please extend my thanks to your staff, you've got a great bunch…It’s a great pleasure to work with them all, they are all very professional and helpful.”

— Current Client


“Holy cow this check is $11,275.00 – never had this much before!!!!”

— Current Client


“Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!  Yay!!! Good job.  Doc will be so happy to hear this.  You guys rock.

— Current Client


“Hi Guys… It was so exciting to get our first check from Simon’s!  (The Doctor) said this is the first collections check he as EVER seen!!!  So congrats to you and thanks for helping us!

— Current Client


“You know I swear by you guys and the job you have done for us.  That is why you are getting all of our work!  (The other collection agency) doesn’t make any sense… (we) pay them so much for each account but (we) do all the work and all (we) get for that is access to their letters!

— Current Client


“Another $6167.31!!  Awesome…thanks for all your hard work.”

— Current Client



Thank you very much for your timely help.  I just wanted to say that this has been a pleasant experience.  Your industry doesn't enjoy the greatest reputation, but your team, every single individual I interacted with, was helpful, knowledgeable, and professional.  As far as I'm concerned, your customer service should serve as the model for the industry.” 

— Jan 


“Okay, thank you, Jack! I appreciate that! You've been a pleasure to work with. You make paying bills more fun. LOL and are a true asset to Simon's!”

— Stacy 


“Ms. Lang, thank you for your Cheerfulness and understanding. You changed my perception of ‘Bill Collectors.’”

— MD 


“To whom it may concern, thank you for your patience with me on paying my bill.  A special thanks to Sandra for her time and patience with me…”

— John 


“I called and spoke with Vanessa who was amazing and patient and helpful.  She advised me…”

— Beth 


"Thanks for being sooooo understanding.  Please find money order for $125.  Treat yourself to a cup of coffee with the balance…”

— Sam 


“John, I appreciate all of your reminder calls – you were very kind and professional & non-judgmental.  I am sorry it took so long to pay this off.  Best wishes to you and I hope you understand when I say:  I hope we will never have to speak again!! Lol.

— Diane


“Dear Shannon, Angels are among us every day – we just need to open our eyes to them.  YOU were my angel today when you gave me a break on Emily’s balance.  It will not be forgotten.  Thank you for being kind and special.”

— KJ

“Please tell Jack he was very helpful and I appreciate the time he took with me.”

— PZ


“Thank you so much!  GREAT SERVICE!”

— CA


“Thank you for setting up this arrangement.  Enclosed is the final payment of $65.00 that you stated was due.  Thank you for being patient and not being like all the other collections agencies.  Have a wonderful day.

— JB


“I would first like to thank you for allowing me to pay off my debt in full… Once again, thank you for this opportunity to clear up some of my financial struggle.  I appreciate your kindness and patience.”

— JG


“Like I said before, considering that you guys have to be the “bad guys,” you’ve treated me with respect.  This has got to be a tough time of year for you all to do your jobs.  I’m happy to be able to pay this one off though!!!!!!  Hope you have a good holiday.  Thx!”

— Anonymous Online Comment


“Many thanks for working with me on the payments – you are THE nicest bill collector I EVER did meet.”

— SS


“This should have me paid in full with them and you.  I do appreciate your patience with me.  I have fallen behind on all my bills since I’ve been out of work (on) FMLA leave.  You have been the NICEST person that I have come across with any collection agency.  So again, I thank you…

— BD


“Thank you very much for your prompt reply in this matter.  I want to thank you and your associates for all the help they have given to me.  It is greatly appreciated.  It is a pleasure to deal with a company that actually calls you back and gives guidance to those of us who have never encountered an experience like this before.  It has been a true learning lesson in life for me.”

— Cathy



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