Debt Collection for Healthcare Providers

Simon’s Agency, Inc. is, at its root, a team of debt collectors supported by an exceptional staff that specializes in collecting outstanding medical and health care bills.  In 1965 this company was born from a handful of medical clients (mostly independent doctors) and today this very same agency serves over 600 health care industry professionals and groups.  Medical debt collection is at the foundation of what Simon's Agency has offered for over 50 years.  Learn more about how Simon's Agency can shorten your days in receivables and increase your revenue cycle - Begin your recovery today! 


Simon's Agency offers specialized debt collection services for the following medical segments and many more:




Medical Billing

Convalescent Care

Medical Labs & Testing

Urgent Care



Simon’s continually invests in technology upgrades and improvements while maintaining a significant premium on the people who perform debt collection duties.  Simon's is a growing company that is built to scale through a managed and dedicated plan.  The procedures and information architecture that Simon’s has designed, built and customized over the last 25 years has increased the production of an otherwise industrious staff and transformed the operation into an unparalleled debt recovery solution among modern day collection agencies. Simon's possesses fifty years of experience in revenue cycle management and understands the intricacies of the modern healthcare industry, its billing processes and the technology used to facilitate all of it.

According to the American Hospital Association, “Uncompensated Hospital Care Cost Fact Sheet,” January 2014, U.S. Hospitals provided $45.9 billion in uncompensated care in 2012 of which hospitals only were able to recover 15.3% (ACA International’s Top Collection Markets Survey, 2013) which is leaving a huge sum of money on the table.  The collectability of this money will only increase as national policy is increasing the number of insured Americans each year – a fact that will benefit your bottom line as more and more payments can be worked out with the insurer.

In addition to debt collection for healthcare, Simon’s Agency, Inc. also excels in the areas of Consumer Debt Collections,  Commercial Debt CollectionsMunicipal Collections and Early-Out/Self-Pay Pre-Collections.

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