Simon’s takes a balanced approach to debt collection by embracing modern technology through its development of a dedicated proprietary information system with advanced statistical analysis and state-of-the-art call center, all of which support a dedicated and experienced collection staff.

The procedures and information architecture that Simon’s has designed, built and customized over the last 25 years has increased the production of an otherwise industrious staff and transformed the operation into an unparalleled debt recovery solution among modern day collection agencies.


Simon's excels in consumer debt collection. Our collectors’ human-to-human contact with debtors coupled with one-on-one client relations and the vast experience of our management team allow us to recover our clients’ outstanding receivables and continue to demonstrate our proven results time and time again. We understand the importance of good manners when it comes to collections and execute with firm, yet compassionate, language and tact always adhering to our goal to treat consumers professionally with dignity and respect.  Many consumers are willing and eager to pay their bills and get back on track with their finances.  At Simon's we strive to help consumers by working with them to agree to arrangements that can work for everyone.  We go the extra mile when working with clients and consumers alike. 

When these methods exhaust their effectiveness, we are able to continue the collection process for the most hardened of debtors by reporting these delinquencies to all of the major credit bureaus and then resolving debtor issues that arise from these unpaid debts appearing on their credit reports. Simon’s helps debtors resolve issues that then arise with regard to consumer loans, installment loans, and credit or bank cards all in compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Don’t settle for a negative impact on your revenue stream because of delinquent invoices and unpaid consumer debt. Let our experts at Simon’s Agency collect the money that is owed and rightfully yours. Contact Simon’s Agency, Inc. today for a complementary presentation on our services and methodology that will help your company recover debts you once thought were lost forever.

Whether a you represent a bank, credit union, retail creditor, or other B to C business, Simon's Agency is well versed in working with your customers.  Simon's also offers specialized services for publishers in need of A/R collections outsourcing for overdue subscriptions.  For business that also work in B to B transactions, Simon's offers Commercial Debt Collections.

In addition to these medical oriented groups, Simon’s Agency, Inc. also excels in the areas of Healthcare Debt Collections,  Commercial Debt CollectionsMunicipal Collections and Early-Out/Self-Pay Pre-Collections.

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