commercial collections for construction

One of the great misconceptions of uncollected commercial debts is that they are easy to offset with new sales. This is simply not the case. Most businesses have a “true” net profit around 4 or 5%, so offsetting even a relatively small $500 debt may require as much as $10,000 in additional sales! Even if a company’s profit is an astronomical 20% - it will still cost as much as $2,500 in additional sales to offset the loss!

So why leave money on the table? Simon’s Agency, Inc. can get you back to doing what you do best by collecting on these debts for you. Simon’s has continued to expand its client profile by working with contractors, construction companies,  publishers, subscription services, fitness centers, CPA's, attorneys, banks, credit unions, commercial lenders and many more to successfully track down consumers and make arrangements for debts to be paid accordingly. Simon’s has many more tools at its disposal than most businesses today, as it has spent half a century cultivating its procedures, assets and technology into a finely tuned operation that specializes in recovering lost income for its clients.

Simon's works with both business-to-business and business-to-consumer clients.  Whether the debt is to be collected from a consumer direcly or from a commercial entity or business, Simon’s Agency, Inc. will see to it that your open balances start to deliver money you once thought was unlikely to come in — money you may have been ready to write-off!

Contact Simon’s Agency, Inc. today for a complementary presentation on how it can help you get back to the work you love while providing exceptional results from delinquent accounts you thought were long gone.

Placing your accounts and files with us is painless as we employ a seamless integration strategy and methodology for our clients. While tracking results has never been easier thanks to Simon’s Agency Inc.’s online reporting system.

As with all of our services – Simon’s Agency, Inc. is not only prepared to handle the work at hand, but is also eager and willing to communicate and work with its clients to train them in using these tools as your relationship grows with the agency.

In addition to these commercial oriented groups, Simon’s Agency, Inc. also excels in the areas of Medical Claims Collections, Municipal Collections, and general Consumer Debt Collections while expanding into Other Industries, such as:  Retail, Subscription-driven Publications, Fitness Centers, Attorneys and more!

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The Simon's Method of Debt Collection

Simon’s utilizes an advanced information system and employs a fully trained and experienced staff of collectors operating in a state-of-the-art call center. But there is much more that goes into our collection philosophy.


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