Debt Collection for Convalescent Care and Nursing Homes

Simon's possesses fifty years of experience in revenue cycle management and understands the intricacies of the modern healthcare industry, its billing processes and the technology used to facilitate all of it. Simon's representatives will handle your  patient accounts that have fallen behind or remain unresolved by utilizing specialized tools and procedures for collection on these debts.

Simon's is eager to address the individual and unique concerns that you may have regarding your accounts receivable and shoring up your revenue cycle. Early treatment and consistent monitoring of your collection accounts by Simon's will allow your people to get back to doing what they do best, making the efforts of your billing department easier to manage as the in-house collections work decreases.  Simon's stands ready to help your organization at whatever level is needed.  

Simon's Agency can also offer support in the early stages of your A/R by offering a full suite of pre-collections services and offers specialized collections service for many areas of dedicated healthcare organizations.

Simon's has an impeccable track record with many convalescent care and nursing home organizations by maintaining excellent "bed-side manners" utilizing encouraging and respectful language and tact.  This dignified approach proves to enhance our overall collection effort while maintaining the goodwill of your patients.  Simon's makes placements and monitoring of patent accounts a priority and Client Services will work directly with your corresponding departments to offer complete transparency and support.


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