Collection Services

EXPERIENCE - Longevity - commitment

Simon’s Agency, Inc. has a proven 50-year track record of client satisfaction by leveraging state-of-the-art technology, one-on-one client relations and the vast experience of our management team and multi-lingual collections staff to recover our clients’ outstanding receivables.  We understand the importance of good bedside manners when it comes to collections and execute with firm, yet compassionate, language and tact.  As a leader in debt recovery solutions for five decades, Simon’s offers an unparalleled understanding of the tools and techniques required to deliver superior results to clients and consumers alike.

Simon’s offers a full array of debt collection services from ealy-out and self-pay models to traditional collections, credit reporting and litigation.  With the tools, management and training that Simon’s Agency has in place, we are built to scale and have the flexibility to amplify operations to meet the changing demands of the industry and the clients we serve.


An EXPERIENCED MANAGEMENT TEAM With Over 200 Years of Combined INdustry Experience

Phil Bova, CEO — 25+ Years
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Tim Buckles, COO — 20+ Years
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Sherry Lane, Director of Client Services — 28+ Years
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Todd Windsor, Collections Manager — 16+ Years
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Denise Ambrose, Collections Manager — 21+ Years
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Jason Deserio, Database Administrator — 10+ years
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John Viggiano, Marketing & Communications Executive — 10+ years
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Andrew Politi, Regional Sales Executive — 20+ years
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Fully Trained Support Staff

  • Multi-Lingual Collections Staff
  • Skip Tracers
  • Data Processors
  • In-House IT Staff

Exceptional Client Relations

  • Accessible and responsive to our client's needs at all times.
  • We provide both standardized and custom reporting.
  • Integration of all client data — we cater to all formats.

Our Business Model

  • Proven soft sell approach to liquidate the debt.
  • We leverage up to date technology for faster processing.
  • Our targeted approach ensures highest recovery and remittance.

Proven results showing substantial increases in recovery for many our region's most recognized businesses!

The Simon's Method of Debt Collection

Simon’s utilizes an advanced information system and employs a fully trained and experienced staff of collectors operating in a state-of-the-art call center. But there is much more that goes into our collection philosophy.


Let Our Experts Help with Your Accounts Receivable

Our staff is always ready to respond to your requests and questions.  Please click the button below to contact our sales or client services teams or reach us by phone at 1-866-454-8701.  For consumer concerns, please call 1-844-588-8833.