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The Value of the Care You Receive

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We work with many clients throughout the country and every single one of them provides a valuable service to their own customers, patients, members, and clients.  Many, in fact, provide an expert level of care in fact.  Whether it’s the teamwork involved in prepping a patient, performing a surgery and caring for the patient during recovery or the coordination involved in securing a loan for a consumer to purchase their next vehicle or fund a home improvement, our clients provide their customers with a very high level of care.  This is care they should expect to receive from their partners and vendors as well.

At Simon’s, we embrace this challenge and endeavor to provide the highest levels of care for our clients by engaging no less than four departments within our company.  First our sales agents remain available after the sale is completed. They remain a devoted organizational contact invested in your success who are empowered to spend time with their clients and provide the first level of care.  Once brought into our organization, clients then matriculate to a dedicated client services department that will help liaison between operations and IT/IS.  That’s right, Simon’s employs a versatile in-house technology department that will work directly with their counterparts at your organization to make sure your accounts are placed securely and effortlessly.  Integrations are seamless and data is cleansed and processed thoroughly. When it comes to transparency and providing a higher level of hands-on support, Simon’s Client Services department aims to deliver 100% satisfaction and will work directly with your team and Simon’s operations to deliver the highest level of service possible.

Just as in our clients’ world, not all patients or customers are created equal nor do they require the same type or level of service – neither are your choices when looking to solve a problem by using a third-party vendor.  In that spirit, here are three things to consider, outside of the actual product or service offered, when looking for that special partner that will help provide a solution to your current problem and provide the very best care along the way:


Every vendor should provide some level of transparency that should really make everyone’s lives easier.  In our case we offer an online portal that allows our clients the ability to observe a high-level view of the work we are performing on their accounts.  There are certainly some limitations to this by industry as vendors rightfully do not want to give up their trade secrets and intellectual property or break any privacy expectations or laws, but there should always be a high-level view that you can access on your own; and by which your access will save you and the vendor time.


This boils down to enthusiasm, spirit and the will to succeed.  When you begin speaking with outside staff do they sound like they like their job?  Do they get you excited about the solutions they are posing?  What is your impression of the staff?  Have you considered asking to meet at their location and take a tour?  We love it when our clients come here – we have an exciting office with bells ringing and contests in full motion all the time.  It’s nice to be able to share our excitement with our clients and it allows them to walk out of our building with confidence, feeling a positive charge from their experience!


How does your sales representative answer your questions and solve your problems?  Do they steer you toward a solution that works for you or one that works for them?  Once you become a customer, what happens to your contact with your sales rep and the rest of the organization?  Are you comfortable with their model?  Are you assured by their responsiveness and plan for handling you?  Is there a dedicated person or team that is in place and ready to ensure your success?  Are there self-help tools at your disposal so you don’t have to call every time you have a question?  Can you feel the love? 

This may seem silly, but in the end every one of these questions matters and if you can feel good about the answers, chances are you’ll feel good about the choice you made as well.

Every day Simon’s Agency staff considers these questions and standards when we interact with our vendors as well as internally when we interact with our coworkers.  Doing so internally, between departments, and even from desk to desk, allows us to practice this kind of interaction in an effort to “walk the walk” and provide the very best level of care when we interact with our clients.  How we treat their needs is a source of pride for us and has made all the difference in the world toward the fifty-plus years of success that Simon’s Agency has achieved.

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