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Tipping Point #3 - Our Clients' Tool Belt

In our last Tipping Point we examined some of the tools we use at Simon’s to do that thing we do best – collect money for our clients. This time around we want to take a closer look at the tools we offer our clients to ensure that their files are placed in an accurate and timely fashion and that they have the ability to track our progress and understand the remittance that they receive.

(For this article we are very fortunate to have been given the gracious blessing of world class illustrator, George Trosley, to use his “Tool Box ‘Toons” throughout. Please visit www.georgetrosley.com to learn how to draw cartoon cars, view his amazing work and support this great artist. You can even buy some of his work here!)


When you become a client of ours, we immediately wrap a tool belt around your waist that will address your needs at every step of the collections process. This tool belt starts with an individual sales executive and extends to the hands of our amazing admin team who are available to our clients at every turn when necessary. Every client has different levels of expertise and they can lean on us in whatever areas they need our help. Our team is ready and willing to accommodate their every need.


Every tool belt needs a good ratchet set. And do you know why? Because not everyone needs the same tool bit (or bits and bytes as our case may be) to tweak their process! Whether you simply need a spreadsheet format to use or would like to integrate a system such as Athena, Epic, Medent, Centricty, Zoll Data Systems (and more), or have a proprietary system from which you need help extracting your placements – we’ve got you covered with a bit to fit every nut, screw or bolt in your arsenal! And with a web-based secure portal or direct pipeline placing files with us couldn’t be any easier or more secure.


Once our clients have transferred their files to us our collection work begins in earnest. At this point our clients can pull the tape measure from their tool belt by visiting our Client Access Web Portal where we offer our clients a full online reporting suite for their accounts. Clients can view the status of each account and see a variety of data as well as create customized reports for just about anything they want to review. We also offer full support as well as documentation and training. With a tape measure in hand we offer full transparency and account updates 24/7. To view a full outline and description of every step of our recovery process please visit the Simon’s Method page of our website.


When specific accounts do not respond well to our collection efforts we enable our clients to use the most abrasive, yet revealing, tool in their belt – sandpaper. When a client decides to use their sandpaper it means it is time to take an account to litigation. Sandpaper is only useful on a rough exterior and when you know the next layers will reveal an essential core of untapped resources. So before we recommend going this route we will do a complete and thorough asset search to ensure recovery of the debt as well as the related legal costs. As with sandpaper itself, we use this option as a finishing touch and only when necessary. 


The final tool our clients will use is the flashlight because no tool belt is complete without one. This tool will come in handy as it is their remittance statement which they will use to shine a light on the monthly check we send to them. That’s right every month. Unlike many other agencies that wait months or even hold the money collected until it has all been recovered, we remit checks on a monthly basis and provide for complete accounting as statements are included with each check we mail.

For more information about Simon’s debt collection services please visit us online, contact us via our website form or call us at 1-866-454-8701

Thank you again to George Trosley for letting us use his hilarious illustrations!


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