An Open Letter to Consumers and Advocacy Groups


First and foremost, we would like to put consumers’ minds at ease – No, we are not coming for your stimulus checks! We understand that for many, this check represents a lifeline for themselves and their families during this challenging time and it is in no one’s best interest to hijack the intended purpose of this stimulus. For some this money will put food on their tables while for others it will allow them to pay down debt – by their own choice.

Contrary to the fear-driven narrative and bleak characterization of debt collection that the media, legislators, and special interests are propagating, we are here to help you and we welcome the opportunity with open arms. We are incredibly sympathetic to those who have experienced a setback by this pandemic, and we are here to help them navigate these rough seas.

Did you lose your job? Are you caring for sick family members? Are you barely keeping your head above water? Let us know when we call or when you reach out to us. We are listening. We hear you. We understand. In fact, we are a lot like you. We are consumers too and each of us has been touched by this situation in varying ways. So, we are not oblivious or callous in dealing with your individual situations. We understand this anxiety and desperation very well.

Contrary to some “expert opinions,” we have pro-actively adapted our approach to accommodate consumers who are not in a position to pay right now.  Consumers need us. The healthcare organizations and small businesses we collect for need us. While our economy has slowed to a crawl, it is important that businesses such as customer service centers, healthcare organizations, grocers, transporters, and more continue to breathe life into the world so we can all look forward to a better tomorrow while not losing too much of today in the process.

While it’s true that 3 in 10 Americans have lost income due to the coronavirus, that also means that 70% of consumers have not, which means they are still working and wanting to pay their bills. In fact, just like tax refunds, some consumers are choosing to pay down debt with their stimulus checks. Why would anyone want to prevent them from doing so? That money goes directly back into their local economies by paying small businesses and healthcare facilities that desperately need cash flow!

We recognize this is not an easy time, however we can promise that our teams are trained in the art of emotional intelligence through empathy and constructive dialogue. We are here to help facilitate the payment of your debts, while also adjusting arrangements for those who are desperate for relief right now. With the support of our consumers and our clients, we can continue to help everyone reach a debt-free future, our clients can take a deep breath with the injection of some much needed revenue, we can continue to keep our employees working on our clients’ behalf, and we can also continue to support our local community because that’s the only way we will get through this… together.  And together we will emerge much stronger!

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