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Simon's Hometown Heroes (June)

Vera House

This month, Simon's employees contributed individual donations totaling $500 to Vera House, a local organization that "offers comprehensive emergency sheltering services to individuals and families in crisis. Help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at two confidential locations. The shelter offers a safe and nurturing environment where survivors can find refuge and spend time healing as they move toward freedom from violence."  The Vera House Vision is “A world free of violence and abuse.” In 2018, Vera House was able to aid 1,562 victims, and offer shelter to 323. With many state and municipal governments facing severe reductions in sales tax revenue, many organizations like Vera House are seeing grant money and community contributions dry up, leading many to desperately seek other means to fill their funding gaps. Our employees took action and we hope that our small gesture might inspire other organizations to think about similar not-for-profits in their own communities.

In times like these, it is important for organizations like Simon's Agency to consider the impact not only on their staff and their companies as a whole, but to recognize the significant challenges that some of our neighbors and our communities are experiencing.  Simon's Agency has made it a point to step up to the plate whether it is for its annual Volunteer Day or other charity and community drives that inspire its admiration and participation.

In the current climate, we Simon's employees realize that we are fortunate to be healthy and able to keep working, and in doing so we are keenly aware of the struggle that many families in our community face every day.  With the spark of kindness and humanity our staff champions, we take seriously our responsibility as good community members to advocate for the less fortunate in a variety of ways including awareness, volunteerism, and donations. 

To everyone at Vera House, we thank you for your service to our community and salute you for the valuable work you do day-in and day-out!  You are indeed our Hometown Heroes!

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