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Creativity Collects Money

For over fifty years, Simon’s Agency has been collecting its clients’ money by using a mix of creativity, technical know-how and one very consistent model for paying its clients.

By the Numbers: Offsetting Your Organization’s Losses

Do you know how many new sales are required to offset a loss?  Whether that’s surgeries, subscriptions or sofas you need to sell, it can be eye-opening when you figure out just how much you’ll have to do in order to recoup your losses.

We’re Not Your Typical Call Center. We’re a Finely Tuned Operation.

Simon’s Agency has spent the last fifteen years continually implementing strategies that will help us grow and improve our operations as a whole.  Each and every part of our process is analyzed and enhanced in order to confront both the newest challenges as well as the age-old ones that require a constant dedication to improvement. This is why we generally double the national average collection success rate across all sectors of healthcare providers.* 

We Don’t Hire Debt Collectors. We Create Them.

Over the last decade as Simon’s Agency has grown into a highly successful collection agency, we have prided ourselves on how often we hire first-time collectors as opposed to “seasoned,” lifelong debt collectors.  While we have certainly required collection experience for our managers and supervisors, our Level 1 and Level 2 agents have more often than not come to us with little to no collection experience and there is a very important reason for this.

Convincing Your CIO that it's Time to Use a Collection Agency

In the third installment of our series of blogs written to help revenue cycle managers and billing managers sell third-party debt collection to their management team we will explore information, technology and security to help you address the concerns of your Chief Information Officer and gain their support for your goal.

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Turning Red to Black

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The Simon's Method of Debt Collection

Simon’s utilizes an advanced information system and employs a fully trained and experienced staff of collectors operating in a state-of-the-art call center. But there is much more that goes into our collection philosophy.


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