Simon's Says - Issue #71 - October 2020
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Simon's Says 71

Common Sense Prevails… Part 2: Defining an ATDS

A cloud has hung over the definition of an Automated Telephone Dialing System (ATDS) since the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was enacted in 1991. Well, we may just get an answer in the next year. Enter Facebook.

The Supreme Court will hear arguments on Facebook Inc. v. Duguid which will decide once and for all whether the definition of an Automated Telephone Dialing System (ATDS) encompasses any device that can “store” and “automatically dial” telephone numbers, even if it does not use a “random or sequential number generator.”

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Accelerating Your Collections

With the Coronavirus Pandemic wreaking havoc across the board for retailers, physicians, and healthcare organizations, furloughs and layoffs have become a daily assault on our newsfeeds and colleagues’ livelihoods. With this in mind, it might be time for you to start thinking about accelerating your bad debt collections and letting your specialized third-party collectors handle your accounts sooner. Just like the services your organization expertly provides, debt collection is a specialized service that is best left to the professionals so you can get back to doing what you do best, and often do exceptionally well.

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The Simon's Way

In the last 6 months of 2020 during the most trying time in the world, we at Simon's Agency, Inc. have found that we could work, hire, and train remotely. We have always prided ourselves in promoting the "Simon's Way" of debt collection throughout the industry by using empathy and emotional intelligence in working with our clients' patients and customers.

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Monkey Theft

A Day in the Life: Theft by Dispute

In the spirit of our previously-published Who’s Got Your Six blog post, we are introducing a new From the Owner’s Corner blog series that highlights some of the critical exposure points that your third-party collection agencies face in their everyday work of collecting your outstanding receivables.

Through a recent series of events that epitomize the blatant disregard for debt validation in favor of juicing a system intended to help the few consumers who use the process legitimately, this article exposes the hypocrisy that some attorneys and credit repair companies use to exploit the process that allows consumers to ask for validation of a debt or to dispute its accuracy.

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Simon's Says What the Statistic!?

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Dumb ways to die: A public service message

Editor's note: This short and lighthearted sing along video was first released by Metro Trains Melbourne in 2012 and seems equally appropriate to share in these strange times... because you know... 2020. Take three minutes and share a laugh.

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