Simon's Says - Issue #65 - April 2020
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Simon's Says 65
Rising above

A Message To Our Clients

As you know, Simon's Agency has successfully transitioned its staff to a fully supervised and secure remote working environment and continues to work our clients’ accounts with an emphasis on giving our clients’ patients and customers the empathy and flexibility required during the current crisis.

Despite the push from some media, legislators, and advocacy groups to restrict collections at this time, Simon’s is finding a great deal of consumers are taking advantage of their savings on transportation, eating out, and spring recreational activities to get ahead of their debt.  Many are even using their stimulus deposits to pay down their debt – by their own choice.

And for those struggling to make ends meet, Simon’s has instituted policies and procedures that enable consumers to pause their payment plans or request a general contact deferment until they get back on their feet. Our staff is trained in the use of emotional intelligence and is helping ease the burden of debt for those who need it right now.

Nothing has changed for Simon's. We are actively accepting placements while managing our clients’ accounts and working as a cohesive team. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us as you normally would. Simon's is here for you!

If you or your colleagues are struggling to find success with remote staff or the technology being used, Simon's would be happy to share our best practices - what has worked for us and what challenges we needed to overcome - while transitioning to a remote working environment.  Please reach out to your sales representative or our client services team at any time.

By working together and keeping open and honest communications with our clients we will all emerge from this much stronger. We wish you, your families, and your colleagues the best of health and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

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Pay It Forward Wall At Chickadees Human Eatery

A Community Embraces a "Pay It Forward" Spirit

Over the coming weeks Simon’s Agency is sharing some good stories from our Community. From Dave Caramanna dishing up pay-it-forward meals at the Chickadee Human Eatery to those in need while serving up a philosophical breakfast chat over vodka and Quisp cereal to another Dave across the swamp, who together with wife, Ann have converted their burgeoning distillery into a 24-hour sanitizer factory, Simon’s is highlighting what its friends and neighbors are doing to help those in need and lending its support along the way.

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US Capitol

ACA Urges the Accounts Receiveable Industry to Write their Congressional Representatives

ACA International has reached out to its members, including Simon's Agency, to urge them to write Congress to let them know that a disruption of the services that collections call centers offer is dangerous as these agencies efforts are paramount to maintaining the social and financial order of credit and collections in order to bolster the economy and help consumers navigate these treacherous waters.  Agencies around the country have transitioned to a "soft collections approach" while encouraging a dialogue with consumers in order to make every effort to help them adjust arrangements and understand how their current situation will affect their payment history and credit.

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The Owner's Corner - US Capital Building - Washington, DC

ATTENTION: H.R. 5330 is Poised to Disrupt Accounts Receivable for Healthcare Organizations

This month we are highlighting the Consumer Protection for Medical Debt Collections Act which is being sponsored by U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich and should be coming up for a vote early this year.  H.R. 5330 is important to our medical clients for two very specific reasons.  First, it would limit any medical account from going into collections for two full years.  If that isn’t enough to worry you, H.R. 5330 would also eliminate your ability (and our ability) from reporting any medical account to the credit bureaus for one full year. 

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