Simon's Says - Issue #51 - February 2019
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Simon's Says #51
Time and Money

First Come, First Serve:

Americans Facing Smaller Tax Refunds in 2019

The tax overhaul that took place last year has some consumers up in arms over their tax returns in 2019.  Some of this can be traced to the loss of certain deductions but the main culprit seems to be that the IRS is making an effort to more closely match the amount withheld from paychecks with what is actually owed.  So, while these same consumers had fatter paychecks over the last year, their tax returns are proving to be significantly lighter.  In general, this is a good thing as the consumer isn’t allowing Uncle Sam to, in essence, use their money interest free for a year, but it is going to have an effect on tax season for the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry.

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Creativity Collects Money

Creativity Collects Money

For over fifty years, Simon’s Agency has been collecting its clients’ money by using a mix of creativity, technical know-how and one very consistent model for paying its clients.  The contingency-based collection model means that Simon’s only gets paid when it collects money on a particular account for its client.  In order to be able to approach collections this way, we’ve also had to dedicate ourselves to continually being on the cutting edge of technology while exercising creativity in our approach with debtors.  As ownership has always instilled with Simon’s philosophy, “Creativity collects money.”

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Tax Time Ahead

Get Your Placements in Today!

One-Third of Tax Return Recipients Will Use It To Pay Down Their Debt

It's not too late, but getting your accounts in now is imperative to timing up with the first federal tax refunds which will be released in just a few weeks with peak following only a month later! Delaying any further will jeopardize our ability to take advantage of the 2018 return season on your behalf!

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How to Send Placements to Simon's

Here is a list of the top five things revenue cycle managers should do to maximize their collection revenue in the first quarter.

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