Simon's Says - Issue #48 - November 2018
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Simon's Says November 2018
Simon's Volunteer Day 2018

Simon's 2018 Volunteer Day Recap

On Saturday, November 10th, Simon’s Agency volunteers gathered at the Samaritan Center for Simon’s second annual Volunteer Day where it prepared, cooked and served nearly 200 meals to those on the City of Syracuse’s north side and downtown area on the first blustery weekend of winter weather this season.

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Tax Time Ahead!

Top Five Ways to Increase Your Collections ROI

As we begin preparing for the festivities of the Thanksgiving Holiday and remembering the things we are thankful for this year, let’s not forget to also begin thinking about ways in which we can start preparing for the relief that many of your patients and customer will come into during tax season.  You may be thinking that it’s way too early to start thinking about what happens in February, March, and April but, in truth, the first recipients of tax returns will be getting them by mid-January while the peak for tax returns quickly follows in mid-February!  That’s not a lot of time to prepare unless you start doing so now.

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Thanksgiving Dinner

Setting the Table for Improved Recovery

Fowl, potatoes, squash, corn, stuffing, cranberries…. The days of the pilgrims bartering with their neighbors have long passed.  In today’s world, you need to be paid in cash – check, credit card, money order or actual, cold, hard cash – not pumpkin pie.  Though I think we can all agree a nice slice of pie can go a long way!  So what’s the best way to prepare for mealtime and ensure that your table will be set with a bountiful revenue return?  Collecting the best information, you possibly can.  Simply put, information is the key to setting your table for improved recovery of your delinquent accounts...

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US Supreme Court

Commonsense Prevails... When Consent is Contractual

Courts are finding that when consumers sign a contract with a company and establish a bargained-for exchange they can no longer revoke consent to be contacted. This has broad implications for the collections industry as it relates to an agency’s ability to contact consumers on behalf of the clients they serve.

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