Simon's Says - Issue #45 - August 2018
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Simon's Says #45
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Keeping Patients and Customers in Mind: Why It's Better to Pursue Your Debt Through a Third-Party Than to Sell it Outright

Organizations may think they are better off selling their debt to a debt buyer but they can make more money by utilizing a third-party agency, plus the debt buyer has no interest in preserving the reputation of the debt seller, so they may use less than desirable techniques than a debt collector.

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Revving the Engines for Those in Need

At Simon’s Agency, we are extremely proud of our employees’ efforts to help those in need in our communities. Simon's salutes Thomas M. Ralph III who exemplifies this effort as President and Co-Founder of the Cayuga County Chapter of the Hades Hounds Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club.

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Simon's HFMA Conference Booth Setup

My First Time at HFMA

Simon’s Agency's very own, Arne Salkin writes about his experience at the HFMA 2018 Annual Conference. Sharing his insights and experiences, he highlights some of the things that make it such a worthwhile event for Simon's and the healthcare organizations and vendors who exhibit at, sponsor or attend the event. As an organizational and conference sponsor, as well as an HFMA Peer Reviewed company, Simon's Agency has a unique perspective to share.

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500 dollars fades away

By the Numbers: Offsetting Your Organization's Losses

Do you know how many new sales are required to offset a loss?  Whether that’s surgeries, subscriptions or sofas you need to sell, it can be eye-opening when you figure out just how much you’ll have to do in order to recoup your losses.

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