Collection Services

Over the last 15 years Simon’s Agency has grown from its core of medical and healthcare clients to include a wide variety of industries.  By embracing modern technology and developing a proprietary data management system with advanced statistical analysis Simon’s has transformed an operation with an experienced group of collectors into a roundly developed and dedicated team that performs at an exceptional level on a daily basis across all industries and practices.

Simon’s serves a variety of clients including furniture and office supply retailers, vending companies, automotive groups and retailers, commercial and residential rubbish removal, pool and patio installers, apartments and residential rental companies, construction supply and rental, heating and air conditioning (HVAC), banks and financial institutions, subscription based newspapers and periodicals and dues, membership driven businesses such as fitness centers, martial arts instructors and golf courses, tuition charging schools and institutions and many more.  Simply put – Simon’s brings real experience to any industry and company looking to collect on their open or delinquent accounts.

In addition to these industries, Simon’s Agency, Inc. also excels in the areas of Medical Claims Collections, general Commercial Debt Collections, Municipal Collections, and Consumer Debt Collections.

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The Simon's Method of Debt Collection

Simon’s utilizes an advanced information system and employs a fully trained and experienced staff of collectors operating in a state-of-the-art call center. But there is much more that goes into our collection philosophy.


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Our staff is always ready to respond to your requests and questions.  Please click the button below to contact our sales or client services teams or reach us by phone at 1-866-454-8701.  For consumer concerns, please call 1-844-588-8833.